(Draft) Privacy Statement for South African NREN Services

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The Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa NPC (TENET) and the SANReN Competency Area of the Meraka Institute at the CSIR (SANReN) cooperate to provide various research and education focused services as the "SA NREN".

This privacy statement is intended to cover the general case of services operated by the SA NREN. Should a service deviate substantially from the spirit of this privacy statement, a separate service-specific statement will be published.

The SA NREN respects users' right to privacy and the principles espoused in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013. We will never sell your information. Except as detailed in this document, we will only share your information with your explicit consent.

Services provided by the SA NREN will only collect and store personal information to the extent that it is necessary for the correct functioning of the service. In general, most services only require your name, email address, and the user identifier issued by your home institution. Some services may require additional information, such as your affiliation with your home institution. You will either be asked for this information directly, or we may obtain it from your home institution via a federated login process.

Most services also generate log files which include information such as the date & time, IP address your ISP assigned you, the part of the service you were accessing, and/or your user identifier.

Information collected in this way may be shared within the SA NREN between TENET and SANReN in order to operate or diagnose problems with the services we collectively provide. We may also cooperate with law enforcement agencies and other operators in identifying criminal activity or sources of abuse, but expect due process before we consider this.

Some services (e.g. FileSender) may allow you to create or upload data. As a general rule, you own this data, except where it is provided in response to questions we have asked.

When the information or data you’ve provided is no longer required (for instance, if you deregister from a service or after a period of inactivity), it will be deleted or destroyed unless we're required to retain it by law.

Websites operated by the SA NREN make use of cookies. These cookies are used to track sessions and facilitate the technical operations of services. Whilst these cookies may contain a unique identifier for a particular browser or session, they do not contain any personally identifying information about you. The underlying sessions may contain personal information, either with consent or as otherwise detailed in this document.

The SA NREN may make use of a third-party analytics service such as Google Analytics to provide insight on how you interact with various services. These analytics services may set cookies within your web browser, and these cookies may contain an opaque identifier to uniquely identify the browser. In addition, the analytics service may collect anonymous information about your browser (such as display size, version, capabilities, etc). We choose these services carefully to ensure they have comparable privacy protections.

Further details may be found in TENET's Privacy Policy and the CSIR's Privacy Notice.